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About Vulnerable Path


Thank you for visiting my blog!  I’ve chosen to create this blog as a way for me to express my creativity through writing, an old love of mine and something I’ve been away from for a very long time.  It’s a big step out of my comfort zone.  It is here that I hope to share my story, inspire others, provide insight, and maybe even entertain!

Vulnerable Path is the name I’ve given my spiritual journey.  I believe that in order to grow we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to acknowledge the fears that hold us back from whatever we may wish to accomplish.  It takes courage to walk with your fears.  So I am taking brave steps on the vulnerable path.

Besides blog posts, you will find links to some of the most inspiring people and sites that I’ve found over the years.  I will also be sharing my “Today’s Tidbits” which are simple quotes that gave me pause or rang true.

My name is Christine.  I am a single mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend,  a working professional, a volunteer Girl Scout leader, a yogi, an outdoor-lover, a health and fitness enthusiast, and a pretty good cook.  I am seeking ways to make myself a better person, to grow spiritually, emotionally, wholeheartedly.

For more information about my professional and volunteer accomplishments, I am including links below to my resume and performance assessments.

CL Reber CV

CL Reber Predictive Performance Reports



One thought on “About Vulnerable Path

  1. Hey there. I bumped on your blog and dare to say I liked your story about Mary. Sorry, I can’t afford the time to read all stories on your blog as I am student as well the other stuff. There are so many common things in you that I can relate to. Ok, nice blog and I dared to follow you. I am looking forward to see more of your blog. You are more than free to see my blog


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